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Give us a call today to discuss your project requirements and our capabilities. You will find RenyMed quite competitive to manufacturing overseas, but without the risk. 

Manufacturing overseas does not deliver the cost advantages of the past.

Substantial risks to the manufacturing supply chain have emerged throughout the world. The recent news that the FDA will not conduct medical device plant inspections in China, the U.S. government has stopped issuing some foreign visas, and most large corporations are evaluating travel restrictions — all this has added substantial risk to the supply chain. These factors have many device manufacturers looking to move any contract manufacturing they can back to U.S. soil.

RenyMed for Medical Molding & Tooling

As an ISO 13485:2016 medical injection molder, RenyMed has developed the innovative technology to design and build prototype and production molds, assist with DFM, validate the process, and get your plastic components production ready in less than 8 weeks.  Our modular tooling system will save you money and help get your products to market faster.


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