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Prototype AI is improving daily and soon it will be able to distinguish the critical features of your part.  Example, my phone tells me how long it will take to get to work even if I am not going there.  At RenyMed we are constantly getting requests for tooling when the Rapid Prototype is not quite what is needed. This is painful because the customer was expecting useable parts in 10 days instead the customer is starting over after 10 days. This was not in the schedule!


Try RenyMed Rapid Tooling. We will listen to your needs. There will always be a critical feature in your part that will require closer attention. Most of the time there will be design details that do not follow the rules. We can prototype your parts in three weeks and provide a straighter path to production. You won’t need to find a production solution. We will amortize our knowledge of the prototype for the production DFM.

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