A better, faster way to get your product from concept to full production

RenyMed was launched in the mid-'80s as a prototype mold making business and began tooling R&D prototype projects in the southern California region. In 1990 we expanded our mold making specialty, adding custom injection molding production to our operation and broadening our customer base well beyond the western U.S. In 2009 we doubled our manufacturing capacity after moving to a new state-of-the-art facility in Baldwin Park, CA which is certified ISO 13485 with a Class 8 cleanroom.

From pilot to production, we offer better options to ensure the success of your project. Using the latest technology in CAD/CAM mold design, plus state-of-the-art high-speed machining technologies, we can reduce the process by eliminating costly time-consuming steps, allowing us to build molds with superior accuracy and finish faster.

It is not just technology that satisfies customers’ needs. Our people, quality assurance programs, and a commitment to working with customers have earned us the confidence and long-lasting relationships with some of the top manufacturers in the medical device industry.

Contact us today to learn how RenyMed’s capabilities can benefit your company. We’ll give you a no nonsense, no obligation perspective on how to get your product to market faster.

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